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Ad Horse Guide to Making the Most of Your Advertisement

1. The first thing to remember on your ad is: First Impressions Count!
What captures a person's eye is the photos you have of your horse on your ad. It is your shop window and gives you the opportunity to show your horse in the best to the many thousands of people that visit Ad Horse every day.
2. When you take photos, do take the time to clean your horse.
3. Keep brushing/tendon/travel boots and bandages off your horse's legs.
4. At Ad Horse, you can have up to three photos per ad. Our advice would be to take:

Photo 1: A good side on photo. Photo 2: A Ridden Shot Photo 3: A Ridden or Head Shot

If you horse is a showjumper, add a jumping photo showing his technique, if your horse is a dressage horse, perhaps a photo showing his paces.
5. Make sure the background behind your horse compliments him/her!
6. Try and take your photos on a clear, sunny day.
7. Don't take your photos from a long distance - get as close as you can and remember to keep your horse in the centre of your photo.
8. If you have a digital camera, you will be able to take many shots - select the best three and add them to your ad.
9. If you are uploading images to your ad, please ensure they are about 500 pixels high or wide and that they are in jpeg format.
10. If you have any problems with your photos, we are aways able to help. You can still send photos the traditional way - i.e. hard copies which you can post to us, we scan them and return to you (please provide a SAE). If you have problems with the uploading of your photos, please email them to and we will add them to your advertisement.

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