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Phishing scams and spoof email

Sadly, abuse on the Internet is now widespread, with people trying to con innocent people out of money or trying to to get bank details. We at Ad Horse take abuse very seriously have have measures in place to really restrict these nuisances.
We have started to compile a 'blacklist' of email addresses they have used to conduct this correspondence. If you have any emails or calls from people on our blacklist, or emails that you are not sure of, please report this to Ad Horse -

Many of these people involved in these financial scams are from Nigeria and/or African countries, or pretend to be from Canada. They are very persistent and are involved in worldwide fraudulent scams involving many things including cars, pets and horses etc. They are clever and try to build what seem like 'genuine' relationships. They nearly always offer to purchase the horse sight unseen 'for a client' with the offer of a cheque plus freight, which then then ask the seller to cash (usually at a Western Union bank). They then ask the seller to forward the 'freight money' onto a fake freight company. As soon as the seller sends on the 'freight money', the original cheque is stopped, not allowing any funds to clear.

At Ad Horse, we have made it difficult for them to get your email addresses. The only way they can get your email address is if you REPLY to any of their emails. If you do not reply to these emails (originally sent through the Ad Horse system), they CANNOT get your email address.

Please be aware of scammers who are now even phoning on the pretense of buying your horse. They always ring from a number that is withheld. They may claim to be 'a person of God' to try and assist them that their intent to buy is genuine. Usually they have a foreign accent. We ask you to be very vigilent. This is not just a problem on Adhorse, but a problem worldwide.

Tips for dealing with unknown buyers

  • NEVER give anyone your bank details. EVER!!!.
  • DO NOT trust anyone offering you more than you are asking for.
    They will ask you for the extra back and once you have given it to them, the cheque will bounce.
  • Always make sure you have a phone number for the buyer and that you have been able to contact them on it.
  • Be very cautious of anyone willing to buy if they haven't seen the goods.
    Would you buy a horse without seeing it?
For more information on Phishing and how it works, visit this page on the
Office of Fair Trading web site:

Recent scams

Some email and phone scams that have been doing the rounds recently.

A potential buyer, who usually live overseas, but not always, replies to your advertisement and agrees a price with you. They then tell you that their shipper will contact you to arrange for the goods or horse or pony to be sent out.

They tell you that they will pay you much more than the value of your goods or horse or pony and that once you receive their cashiers cheque they request that you send them or their Shipping Agent, a cheque for the difference. They may also tell you that they will pay you £50 to remove your advert.

The Cashiers Cheque sent in the post to cover the cost of the item is likely to be STOLEN OR A FORGERY but may well be cleared by your Bank initially. Some time later when it is revealed that the cheque is NOT GENUINE, payment will be stopped and the seller will not only loose their goods but the balance as well. So please be aware.

For MORE INFO on COMMON FRAUDS see the Metropolitan Police site notice board:
On the main list look for the heading "Criminal Cashback".
Or visit the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit website -


If you are in the slightest bit suspicious about a potential buyer, please forward any correspondence you have had with the buyer to us. We will be happy to advise.

Latest blacklisted emails
If you receive any emails from the addresses below DO NOT REPLY.

Complete list of blocked email addresses

Ad Horse Contacts
Jayne Purcell-White
PO Box 235
TN22 9AJ
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